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I have an appointment with my rheum. on Tuesday.
In looking over the criteria and alternate criteria for lupus I am surprised at how many fit me: anemia, elevated white count, increasing photosensitivity over the years, arthritis, rashes, including the butterfly rash minus the area on the top of my nose, mouth ulcers and inflammation, neurological: they thought I had MS or a brain tumor when I had Lyme disease. And I had neuropathy in my legs before the Lyme. In high school my blood was so screwed up they thought I had leukemia, but was eventually Dx'd with a cousin virus to mono which my Dr. coined "non-mono mono". I did eventually show positive for the Epstein-Barr virus and still do today. Speckled ANA, many menstrual problems, many bladder problems including a peritoneal tumor which wrapped itself around the base of my bladder and urethra - this was supposed to be a rare occurrence with a 20% chance of reccurrence, but it recurred two more times with two more bladder surgeries. Interestingly, this tumor contained some fluid which could not even be identified by the local labs and had to be sent to The Cleveland Clinic for eval. It showed atypical sqamous cells and inflammation "probably a [B]secondary response to an inflammatory process[/B]", they said. Hmmm. And it recurred two more times? An inflammatory process like lupus? Also, many unexplained fevers as a young adult, almost daily and usually by the end of the day around 3:30 or 4:00. I had a near miscarriage with my first child and accompanying that was the worst headache I've ever had, even with my history of migraines. I am allergic to bees and wasps. Well enough for now but I think I have a right to be concerned about lupus now that I know more from all of you. Thanks for posting everyone!

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