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I'm not sure where I should be posting but I thought you might be able to help. I just found out that I have some abnormal bloodwork again. My sister was diagnosed with lupus even though her tests were never positive. Because she had so many symptoms of lupus her Dr. put her on plaquenil and her symptoms went away within a few weeks. Her Dx went from possible lupus to confirmed lupus. She has been on the med for a few years and is doing well.
I have inflammation throughout my body but in odd locations: the roof of my mouth, sores off and on in my nose, chronic inflammation in my cervix with no known cause (all the tests were done), inflammation in the neck of my bladder and urethra (asked urologist's assistant who said lupus does not involve the bladder just the kidneys), in my right breast (biopsy showed inflammation and mucous cells as well as some other benign findings), my face - I have a rash that flares for many weeks and then subsides on both cheeks, bright red sometimes with little pus-filled blisters, usually it scales and the skin comes off as it subsides, my nose doesn't get red, just scaly. The dermatologist said it is rosacea. I have a rash on my arms that is raised and clogs the pores. It also scales but leaves scars after each lesion heals. This rash is constant.
My wbc is 16 with elevated granulocytes at 13.3. My rbc is low normal at 4.51 but my hematocrit is low at 35.1 and my mcv is low at 77.9. My ferritin level is also low at 7. My hemoglobin is low normal at 12.1.
I was Dx with fibromyalgia in 1992 after lots of pain and a speckled ANA.
In 1998 I was Dx with inflammatory arthritis, later changed to psoriatic arthritis. My dermatologist thought I had psoriasis on my elbow but changed that diagnosis last year. When I told my rheum, she just said that's ok because the arthritis can precede the actual psoriasis. I also had lyme disease in 1995 that went untreated for 14 months.
Yes I tire easily especially on exertion. I had low hct and ferritin levels a few years ago and was told to go on iron for 6 months, but now that it has recurred I wonder what is causing the problem. The other day after starting the iron I had abnormal heart rhythms for 3 days then it subsided.
I don't know if I should go to my rheumatolgist or to my family doc or to a hematologist as my ob/gyn suggested.
Can anyone help?
I forgot to mention that I also have inflammation in my esophagus and acid reflux for which I take high doses of Prevacid. I was diagnosed with IBS about 4 years ago.
In addition, my facial rash always gets worse when exposed to heat or sunlight.
Thank you.

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