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Hi All -
Does anyone or has anyone ever had a problem with SEVERE SWEATING, like a MAJOR OVERHEATING, to the point that you are soaking wet from doing simple things such as walking, standing, drying your hair, or JUST SITTING??? We have our temperature at 60 degrees in this house -the rest of my family is cold -but I'm HOT wearing a t-shirt??

My Lupus was dianosed in 2006 -but THESE things just started happening about 5 months ago .... it's altered my life so much that I can't do anything without looking as if I just got out of a pool .... "soaking wet" ...??

Doc says it's NOT the lupus, he also told me that my triglycerides are VERY HIGH and are at 1,000 mg .... he gave me this medication to take but I have not taken it yet - and he also said that he DOUBTS that it would be the triglycerides that is causeing this. We've also checked thyroid, sed, protein, and EVERYTHING ELSE you could figure ...

Does ANYONE have any advice as to what could be going on here??

I've also gained about 50 pounds from taking steroids in earlier months, and that weight although I've been OFF STEROIDS FOR MORE THAN 9 MONTHS -I am not able to DROP THIS WEIGHT .... I am 5'4" -about 170lbs

all other tests came back NORMAL of course, except that triglycerides .... but like I said, my doc said that THAT was not the cause of my heat problems??

Any answeres would be greatly appreciated ....

Thank you so much ....
I had bizarre sweat attacks, without overheating, just sweating from everywhere, a couple years before being diagnosed with lupus. The cause was never found and it sort of went away, but I do go get botox injections in my underarms - and insurance pays for it.

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