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Re: Lupus Rashes
Mar 8, 2007
Dear Michelle (Blessed), You could try looking for pics & articles of malar rashes, a/k/a "ACLE rashes" (acute cutaneous lupus erythematosus). Only a DOCTOR can say for sure, of course, but maybe you'll notice something of interest that will help get everything figured out.

You could even have a friend take your pic when the rash is showing, and show it to your dr. Not diagnostic---but it could give your dr. a head start.

I know a woman with SCLE & antiphospholipid syndrome who had recurrent oozing, itching eruptions in her ear canals. You could see it, it was that obvious. She was treated with daily antibiotic IV therapy at her hospital, for three-week stints, multiple times. I think it was when she changed lupus meds (less Prednisone & started Plaquenil), she improved overall AND got rid of the chronic ear misery. While I don't think that sort of ear problem is "specific" to lupus, meaning it alone wouldn't indicate that you have lupus, it can't mean nothing, if you know what I mean. Have any of your drs. Dx'ed & treated it?

BUT, I'd definitely go back to the rheumie, if I were you. Let us know what's happening, when you have time, OK? Bye for now, with my best, Vee

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