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I have a question for those with lupus. Have you ever experienced sore throat & swollen lymph glands b/c of lupus? About 2 weeks ago, I started getting even more exhausted/fatigued than usual - if that's even possible - had a sore throat, and swollen & tender lymph nodes. I've had an almost non-stop headache for over 2 months!! They gave me antibiotics a week ago thinking it was just a bad sinus infection, but I still feel bad. I'm swollen & tender in other places now, but my sore throat is gone. They told me, due to my lupus, that I may need more than one round, but I'm not sure it was what they thought it was.

Now, I'm tender right at the border of my L breast & under my L armpit. Plus, I have a new tender lymph node under the L side of my chin & in the back of my neck.


I had abnormal liver enzymes about 1 year ago. Then in October of '06, I had A LOT of bilirubin show up in my urine. Afterwards, I had yet another abnormal liver enzyme test. Neither my GP or my rheumy has followed it any further. This would not be so worrisome for me had I not been experiencing pain around my liver or spleen for over a year, and it's gotten worse in the last couple months. Plus, when I vomitted the other day, I got a sharp, seering, hot pain right where I've been hurting. That was scary.

I've had the tenderness, swollen, sore throat...several times before. I just don't know if it's common with lupus/lupus flare. I have other illnesses - fibromyalgia, raynauds, sjogrens...- that it may be connected to or maybe nothing at all.

Thanks for any help!

God Bless,

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