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My family practice doctor diagnosed me with Lupus last week. I have called every Rheumy in the book and their not taking patients until the end of June! Is this a local thing or is it everywhere?

Also, is it true that a family practice doc cannot make the diagnosis? That it must be made by a Rheumy?

I went in for an upper respiratory infection and chronic fatigue (for about 6 mos I haven't felt well and have been very the flu) She ran every test known to man. ANA Direct: 1080 and Rheumatoid Factor: 138. She was happy to report everything else look good though, white blood, protein, iron, etc.... Did tell me to eat more fish...LOL! Amazing what they can read on those tests.

I do suffer from Raynauld's and even had the sores on my toes. My doctor at the time just told me I was "cold sensitive" and to keep my feet warm! I get what my family calls "sun rash" and I have rosceaca (at least I was told that is what it is) - I have two patchs of red on each cheek bone that get red when I'm tired, angry, in the sun, or warm. They sometimes get little pustules, but no pimples. I've had migraines, common and traditional, my whole life.

I am tired, but not "Lupus tired" It is just like having a cold/flu without the sneezing, coughing, etc. My knees, shoulders, hips ache, but again like the flu. All very managable.

I hate loose ends. I just want some closure and I cannot get into the specialist!

Sorry for the vent :)


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