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Lungs and Lupus
Apr 19, 2007
I have not been dx'ed. I have beem unwell for months now. I have hypothyroidism and an auto immune rash known as granuloma annulare. I the past few weeks, I've kept a dry cough and sternum pain. The docs say my lungs sound clear. In the last couple of days, I've developed shortness of breath. Walking up the stairs is a chore. It seems worse at times than other times. My abdomen is also tender. I've had reflux for years but this is different. My hips hurt and my lower back hurts like crazy when I stand or walk for more than a few minutes. Strangely enough, the bottoms of my feet ache and ache. I've had what the rheumy call rosacea for a few months and lately I've got a rash across my chest and upper back that looks like a sunburn. It does not itch but comes and goes in intensity but never leaves. It also appears on the sides of my neck at times. I also suffer from pitting edema in my lower legs. I was grateful for the hypo dx about a month ago hoping my symptoms would resolve but most of them have not. I am ANA neg. or was about 3 months ago. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? As with many others, I am at the end of my rope!!!!
How often should ones ANA be retested??



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