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I am wondering if somone out there can help me out? I have not been feeling well on and off for the past five or six years.


This all started with a bout of mono that was 5 or 6 years ago. One year later I was out for a week with what I was told shingles in my thoat, this was extremly painful. And then a year later the galbladder really showed it's ugly head, and I was sick for almost a year before they removed it. Because I am not the "typical" galbladder patient (thin and early 30's at the time) - but it was a very NASTY organ with a huge stone. I felt much better after this for about 9 months then the following started:

Headachs all the time - I just figured out last month, that these are 5x worse 2 days AFTER my period is over. They attributed them to the buldging cervical discs and muscle spasms. Started about a two years ago.

Pinky - numbness

Petechiae - I have always had broken capilaries, but over the last few years I have noticed petechiae they a bright red VS dark red of the broken capiliaries, they are petechiae from pictures I found on the internet. I do not have a lot of them, but the last few weeks there have been more popping up (20 - 30 maybe). Started about a year or two ago.

Fever - Frequent unexplained fevers, most recently this last week a low fever every evening, but not in the AM and afternoon.

Vision loss - peripheral vision loss (one sided) with a palsey when they have you follow the finger. My one eye will not go to the left very far. Started about a year ago.

Rash - I am not sure if this is a butterfly rash, I have redness on my nose and sides; however, it's not BLATENT butterfly if it is it would be a little one, and it never completely goes away. Blotchy red patches on my scalp - again not extreme, it doesn't itch, hurt and it's flat, I've just noticed especially when I brush my hair after a shower. And no the shower was not too hot - it's still there in the evening. When I go out in the sun or tanning booth - I get a rash in the same spot on my stomach, this is bumpy and itchy. Started about a year or two ago.

Lymph nodes swelling - I am not sure if this is a swollen lymph node. I noticed this about three weeks ago. The spot is right under the earlobe between the jaw and neck muscle. This is kind of hard lump on one side, it's the size of a pinkey. I also have the same size and feel in the back of my head right under the skull behind the ear on the same side. Concerning can you feel them if they are not swollen? There is smaller than a pea size in my groin. Noticed about 3 weeks ago.

Bruising - Every now and then I will get a bruise on my finger, same spot. I feel pain like I was bit by something and then the bruise shows up. Itchy skin that when I scratch I will later have a bruise. Started about 4 years ago.

Diareha - this is much better after the galbladder was removed - but I still have. A long time ago.

Fatigue - It seems I am always tired even though I wake up before the alarm goes off. I go to bed around 9 to 10 pm and wake up around 6;30.

I have had: MRI Brain, sinus's - Normal; Blood tests - where done when the bruising started, I think they tested for leukemia hemophelia etc. But they did a ProTime and that showed an elevated clotting time of 12 seconds. I do not know the exact tests that where done but everything else was normal, I am sure though no autoimune testing was done. I sure it was just a CBC, protime.

I did have a mole removed by a derm DR, it was pre-cancerous. While there I asked about the facial redness (with makeup it's not very noticeable), any way the DR said it was some sort of skin yeast and gave me a RX shampoo. I used this as directed and nothing changed. That was Jan and that DR did say come back in 3 months if not better.

I go to the DR with one symptom, I have been thinking I have somehting more wrong, like lupus. I end up going to the DR when I can not take it any longer - and only bring up the one symptom.

I was going to make an appt with a new DR this week, and show them the lumps, red spots along with bringing up the fever, headaches and fatigue.

Does anyone have any advice, which things are most important for me to bring up? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Thank you, I know I was long winded but anything will help.

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