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You see - I have so many questions.
I am not sure the round skin things I get I would even call a rash. They are round, circular and then turn white and go away. They do not hurt or nothing. I have gotten them for years, so I pretty much just ignore them. I get like one or two on my arm. Not a bunch at a time, which I would consider a rash. And I get really bad sun burns, so I just stay out of the sun. So I can not correlate them with the sun. But just in the past few months, I keep getting a recurring red rash (little bumps) on my elbows. They were so bad a few months back I wouldn't even where a short sleeve shirt!! But, then it goes away.
To be honest, I had never heard of this disease until I found these message boards yesterday. So I have a lot to learn.
They have only just recently ran these blood tests and ANA was one of them. Never heard of that test before then. And they never showed me the actual results. Just told me my ANA was positive, then negative and I showed muscle damage. The muscle pain was so severe for about a week I just wanted to die. But for as long as I can remember, I have always been tired and felt sick a lot. I have always been told nothing is wrong with me, move on. I have had episodes of depression in my life and have taken meds for that a few times. But right now, I am just not depressed. I know when I am depressed.
When I had that weird stomache flu thing a few months back, there was a possible kidney stone. But they did nothing more because after a week I felt better.
This latest episode I had with the severe muscle pain I also had what I would call canker sores. I am not sure what everybody means when they talk about mouth ulcers. Is that the same thing?
Also, due to my headache medicine, I get constipated a lot (sorry so personal there!). And then when I am not taking it, I seem to go the other way. So I am never what you would consider regular.
As for my aches and pains. I always hurt. Not sure how you can tell if they are in your muscles or joints. I just hurt. I also am very weak alot. It is hard for me to just carry my child. I also have headaches pretty much daily for the past few years. I have gotten used to them, but at times they get bad enough that I can't work or take care of my child. It is kinda getting old!! Before I had a kid, if I felt this way - I would just go take a nap. Now that I have a kid and a husband, it is not that easy. We are fighting a lot because I need to go lay down and he is having to pick up the slack. So I guess that is why I am trying to find out if I am just tired and a non-energetic person that has muscle pains and headahces and I just have to live with it, or is it something more. It is not like I want to have "something more", but it would help explain to others that I am not crazy.
For years I have just lived in pain silently. Take advil/exedrine/aleve or if I am lucky to have my headache prescriptions filled, I take those.
So as for tests, it seems I am at the beginning of those. They just ran another one yesterday and I have not gotten the tests back yet. I think they were gonna run the ANA again and check my thyroid.

Also - to answer Sarah92202 - I did run across a site on lyme disease and pondered that one for a bit. I will bring that up to my doctor also. And no they have not run the full lupus screening. TO be honest I am not sure what they ran. I guess I need to ask to look at those results.
Thank you!! I just have a million questions. Hopefully you all don't get sick of me.

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