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Hi! I have fibromyalgia but fear I may also have Lupus. I am thinking seriously I should be tested.

Does anyone here deal with recurrent diarrhea and/or vomiting? Loss of appetite? Nosebleed? I had my first ever nosebleed this past weekend.

Two weeks ago, I had diarrhea and vomiting for an entire weekend. It went away as it came- without warning. It is now back- the past 2 days. I have had a rash on my right cheek especially (also slightly on the left) for months now- I really never gave it a thought until these other things started happening. Am I right to be concerned about Lupus being the cause?
Hi, there. I have had nosebleeds and though my doctor didn't seem very disturbed by them, I was, simply because I had never had nosebleeds in my life before then. I wasn't seeing anyone for lupus, at that time I had not been diagnosed. The doctor tried to tell me that it was just because my mucous membranes were dried out because of dry air and the least touch to my nose (it seemed to always bleed in the morning when I washed my face) caused the membrane to split and bleed. The part about them being dried out was true, the thing was, WHY were they suddenly so extremely dried out? It was not dry air, it was Sjogren's syndrome, which was one of the first indications that I might have Lupus. I also had extremely dry mouth, so dry that it's like your tounge gets stuck to the roof of your mouth and when you go to speak, you can't form the words right because you have no spit and your cheeks and tounge just want to stick together.

Loss of appetite is one of the symptoms of lupus. I lost 30 pounds just because I didn't want food before I was diagnosed. I thought I was depressed because I didn't want to eat and I was so tired and didn't want to get out of bed. Though loss of appetite could be from many things.

Diarrhea and vomiting? Hmmm, I have some of this every month around the time of my period, but I also have endometriosis that would explain this. I read an article about how this one researcher found that so many women who have lupus also have endometriosis. Since lupus can cause whole-body inflammation, I think if you do some reading you will find that it can inflame your gastroinstetinal tract. But gastrointestinal upset could have so many causes.

Lupus is such a puzzle, it would take some specific tests along with the right symptoms for you and your doctor to say if it were lupus or something else.

Hope you get some answers for your symptoms.
Hello & welcome! Have you read the "sticky posts" ( = permanent posts containing basic info) at the top of the thread list? One "sticky" contains the ACR criteria for diagnosing & classifying SYSTEMIC lupus (SLE). These are tricky! Generally speaking, you must meet at least 4 of the 11, at some time, meaning not necessarily all at once. I use the word "generally" because they aren't quite hard & fast rules.

Note that these criteria speak to SYSTEMIC lupus. There are OTHER kinds of lupus, such as discoid, subacute cutaneous, drug-induced & neonatal. These others are considered "subsets" of SLE, meaning they are typically "lesser" but may have some overlap in symptoms & test results.

About vomiting & diarrhea: I agree with Aquanegra, that these could have many causes. There are things to watch for that are more "lupus-y", per those "sticky posts".

That said, I had episodic GI problems for decades, with bouts lasting as long as 8 to 12 weeks. But I took years to develop symptoms & test results that were lupus-specific; and even when I finally did, my suburban drs. didn't recognize the "subset" of lupus I had. I was finally Dx'ed & put on Plaquenil, and my life improved greatly.

After you've read the "sticky posts", I hope you post more. For example, what problems have you had that led your dr. to Dx fibromyalgia (including your early history)? Have you ever been tested for anything beyond fibro? Have you ever seen a rheumatologist? (Etc.) I'll say bye for now & hope that you post more when you can. Best wishes, from Vee

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