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My doctor has changed my medication to cellcept. Anyone here take it and how is it working for you? Side effects? I have been taking MTX for almost a year now and it wasn't working well and I am still getting worse so I had the choice of Cellcept of Cytoxin. The Cytoxin sounded much more toxic so I chose Cellcept. I still may end up taking the Cytoxin anyway if the Cellcept doesnt work but the Cellcept seemed to be the lesser of evils. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Dallas TX
I am also very curious about CellCept. I have reserched it alot...I have a 14 year old daughter with class 4 Lupus Nephritst.......went into full kidney failure and dialysis 2 months ago.....once they Cytoxin was at the right dose she has started to improve and they already have her on Plaquneil. The dr is talking about logn term option is CellCept. I have not found many people who have tried it. Anxoius to hear more as well!

Wishing you good luck with your recovery!!:angel:
me too... I just started it Friday. I was hoping to get a better response so I would atleast be prepared for any side effects but no one responded at all, which kind of worried me a bit. Hopefully someone on this board has taken it and I am not going into the dark alone here. I read the packet that came with the prescription, and to be honest it didn't sound as scary as the MTX. Atlease (possibly fatal) was not included in the warnings. lol. So far it hasnt helped or hurt but we will see. My kidneys arent too bad yet but I am having alot of CNS problems. In fact that was my presenting problem so hopefully it will help with that. We shall see anyway.

Erin Stevens
Dallas TX

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