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Hi all!

I have been fighting with odd symptoms for over 2 years. I have been to one of the best neurologists in this state, and finally MS is completely ruled out. Most of my symptoms come and go and I can function with them: on and off fatigue, some joint pain, muscle twitching, eye issues, etc.) Lately, I have been dealing with this unexplained itching , all over without a rash for 3 months. Doc ran all blood work to rule out medical causes of itching. Only off lab was WBC count which was a tad low. Now I have to go see Onc/Hem to rule out lymphoma and other awful things. (i am a nurse so this freaks me out). Just wondered if itching without a rash was experienced by anyone. Also sometimes my hand and armpit will feel swollen or be just a little swollen for no apparent reason. Last, does anyone ever have joint pain for example in the hip only on one side?

Thanks for your time.:p
Hi -

Welcome! Sorry you're having such a rough time and that the prospects are scary. I hear you!

The 3rd sticky at the top of this thread lists the usual symptoms that lead to a lupus dx.

Have you seen a dermatologist about the itching? Anything new in your environment that your could be allergic to - new house, new car, new clothes, new cologne, new detergent, new medicine, new pet. new flea powder?? Have you had an allergy workup?

I've never heard of one sided pain - except when I had an allergic reaction to Celebrex just before my lupus dx. Any chance you're on it? Before I was put on it, I had two spots (one on each forearm) that were red, about the size of a quarter, raised edges, and no itching. After being on Celebrex, those spots multiplied until it looked like I had leprosy (or what I imagine that looks like) from fingertips to elbows, bilaterally. In the following two weeks, my hips, knees, and ankles took turns swelling painfully and I couldn't stand up for more than 20 minutes due to leg pains. When I saw my rheumie for the first time, he promptly deduced I was allergic to the Celebrex and once off of it, all of the rash, pain, and swelling went away and has not returned. As it happens, many folks with lupus become allergic to sulfa and to Celebrex because it has a sulfonamide in its chemical makeup.

Another huccup about lupus is that the sunshine often makes all of the aches, pains, and fatigue much, much worse. Sunshine can cause a facial rash, too. I'm very sensitive to heat, too. Does any of that sound familiar?

Have you seen a good rheumatologist yet? A good one is one who treats lots of lupus patients, so is tuned in! If not, that might be where to go next.

I vote no lymphoma!

Wishing you well - Barbara :)
thanks Barbara!

I see an oncologist/hematologist today. YUCK. I have seen a dermatologist who thought maybe a major histamine overload was causing the itching. I haven't changed anything....been thru it in my mind a thousand times. She thought that is was possibly seasonally related or stress related. Ofcourse, my nursing background always sends me into the worst case scenario in my head which probably makes all symptoms worse. I saw a great rheumy 2 years ago when I had all the weird neuro symptoms, she did a complete workup and said that although all the tests were normal then, she couldn't guarantee it wasn't the early beginnings of something. I thank you for your reply and thoughts!

Hi mchez, I was diagnosed last yr with Lupus and I had fierce itching all over my body after sun exposure. Now that I am on Plaquenil and try to stay out of the sun, I still have itching(with no rash) especially behind my knees and at my elbows.
It also seems to itch alot where my skin has contact with clothing wrinkles that press into my skin. I think there is a name for that contact kind of itching.
Best wishes in your quest for better health!
Thanks Kid 123!

Went to the doc yesterday. I really liked him. He said definetely not leukemia. He thinks I have some sort of an autoimmune disorder or connective tissue disease, but that I might be one never to meet the criteria for a certain "label". He ran another set of bloodwork. He thinks the ANA will be up, but not enough to see rheumy. I guess it's just a wait and watch game.

Thanks for the info about the itching! I was feeling like the only one out there with that symptom (without a rash). The oncologist wasn't concerned about it. It does seem worse outside and at night. Drives me nuts!! But the Atarax, Zyrtec, and lotion are helping!

Thanks again!

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