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[QUOTE=NancyAlex;3172503] If you have time to write again I'd be interested if you could explain in more detail how the tremors feel to you. I'm curious if that's what I'm doing. PLEASE don't let anyone make you feel like you've gone over the deep end! There are so many variations of symptoms with this disease, stick to your guns about the way you feel until you fine someone who will finally put your fears to rest that you are not "crazy".....and who will believe in you and help you. May I ask if you see a Rheumy or some other Dr.? Just curious!
Bless you, and hang in there.[/QUOTE]

Let's see if I can explain this better. My head tremor feels like someone else is in control of my muscles. My head shakes all on its own. I can make it stop momentarily, but as soon as I let my muscles loose from holding it, it's off the the races again. As far as my other body arms have shaken like my head and so have my legs if I hang them off the bed. I have also had it feel like ants were under my skin crawling around. That mainly happened from the waist down. Now when I am lying down, my foot or hand will just jerk out of no where. I can be laying perfectly still and "POP" up comes my foot or my hand. My arm or leg does not move with it, just the extremely, like it had its own mind. I also have had the muscle twiches where your eye will twitch or your mouth will quiver... well I have multiple ones of those even in my butt and thigh muscles. That was mainly towards the beginning of whatever this is. I don't get those that much any more. It is more whole muscle movements or body part movements. The thing that I find so if the whole thing is not that when my head moves or sometimes my extremeties... if, say you put your hand on the back of my neck while my head is shaking... you cannot feel the muscles moving. Is that weird or what... anyway, I hope that I have explained this in a way that will help you. Please let me know. ;)

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