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I've read about different types of rashes on this board and wanted to ask you guys a question - about 2 - 3 weeks ago, I noticed a spot on my upper arm - thought it was a small bruise as it looked purplish and later I noticed a yellowish color around it such as a bruise will get when healing. And I do have a tendency to get bruises out of nowhere! However, it has not gone away and now it is red with a clear center. It isn't really what I would call a rash though - not raised and when I run my hand across it, I can't feel anything such as a bump, etc.

Anybody have any ideas about this?? It doesn't itch or hurt at all - in fact, if it weren't for seeing it, I would never know it was there. It is smaller than a dime.

I'm also still dealing with pain in my leg, knee along with headaches and neck pain...ALL on my left side.....

Thanks for listening! :)
Hi. After a long list of problems from childhood onward, in my early 40's I had 4 years of "papules" (red raised bumps, painless & not itchy) on upper arms & back; they'd appear & recede about 4 times a year. Then the papules started to expand into perfect circles with clear centers, before expanding outwards & losing their circularity. In this "annular" (meaning circular) form, they still didn't hurt or itch; and they faded without scarring. Each episode brought more rashes over larger areas; and I felt ever worse as the rashes came on: joint pain, hair loss, fever, disrupted sleep, neuro-like tingling, urinary & bowel problems, migraine-like headaches, severe fatigue, etc.

I finally got a Dx: SCLE = subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, which is a "subset" of systemic lupus. I think my ANA was ALWAYS negative, which happens sometimes with the anti-Ro antibody, I was told. I also was told that the early "papules" were the immature form of a SCLE rash. The mature SCLE rash is either annular (like mine) or papulosquamous (looks like psoriasis but isn't).

You could search for more info on SCLE. I've found articles including pics of it in its early stages & in the mature annular or papulosquamous forms.

So... is this the one & only tiny, targetlike thing you have? If it IS, then maybe it's only a reaction to a bite or something along those lines? But if it ISN'T your one & only---and ESPECIALLY in light of your headaches, neck & joint pain---maybe you could ask your dermie or rheumie to take a good look & to consider more tests. Plus, if lupus is even a possibility for you, it's never too early to find out if your dr. knows the various "faces" of lupus! My suburban drs. were clueless & at least 20 years behind, knowledge-wise.

Just give a yell if any of this rings any bells, OK? Meanwhile, best wishes! from Vee

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