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Hi. I'm only a patient, but I *think* most lupus rashes (malar, subacute cutaneous, discoid, etc.) do NOT itch, except for lupus urticaria (hives).

BUT there are itchy skin conditions that people with lupus can get! I know a woman with SCLE (the same "subset" I was Dx'ed with) who had itchy, brownish, crusty, weeping dermatitis on her face & in her ear canals; and it took her weeks, and several courses, of daily IV therapy to get rid of it. Her ear lobes swelled up, too...

Have your drs. seen this yet? In your shoes, I'd call ASAP. Also, I've read that it is NOT a good idea to go overboard with steroid ointments, as they can damage the skin if overused. Let us know how you're making out---& GOOD LUCK! Sincerely, Vee

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