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SCLE questions
Oct 9, 2007
Ok it started back in April,I took my 3 young daughter to Florida for a week.Came back home to Kentucky and about 3 days after I returned home I got a horrible rash all over my arms.Just the part where hair is.Starting from the back of my hand,up to my shoulder. It itched really really bad and seem to get worse being in the sun.Went to a Dermi,they took a biopsy and some blood,positive for Lupus. Did more tests and it came back Lupus of the skin. They told me,protect me skin while being outdoors in the sun. Wear protective clothing,and sun screen. Which I have been doing since being told this is what it is. Also told me it would never go away,this will be something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. They also told me I have a small % of it going into Lupus organ involvement.They also said the rash will leave behind scars,as the rash that started back in April has left behind scars. They set me up with a Rheum in a different state because they share their patients,and there are not any of them here.

Went and seen him last Friday.Now I am even more confused.He informed me that this is SCLE,but it will go away with time. That the rash marks left by the rashes will also go away,and not leave scars. He also asked me what can I do to treat the rashes by making them go away. I explained there is nothing I can do to make them go away. I have cream to apply if the itching gets to bad,when I get a flare up.So he gave me 2 meds.One if a steriod for the itching when I get a flare up.And the other is Plaquenil. I was told that is the medicine they give lupus organ involvement patients? So why would he give me this medicine,when the lupus is not controlling my life. I do everything I can to protect my skin when I am out in the sun,and my flare ups dont bother me at all right now. I have had a few flare ups since April,but that only happens when I go outside and forget the sun screen..

So my question is,what doctor is telling me the truth? Will this SCLE go away with time? Will these scars on my arms go away with time as well?

I am 27 years old.

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