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Re: SCLE questions
Oct 10, 2007
When I called the doctor about my new problems,since being told lupus is what I have.She said the type of lupus I have has no symptoms but the skin rash. That most likely it is my thyroids hormones off balance. So I called my thyroid doctor ASAP! They did the test and it came back fine. I was not off balance. So I went to an appt with my Dermi and they said it could be a virus I had for this time.So after 5 days with nothing getting better,I went to the ER.They ran several different tests and called it a virus as well. So I went home and tried to wait it out.About 2 weeks later the symptoms got better.Then not to long after (about a month later) the symptoms came back.I have been up and down since the rash appear for the first time back in April. I have literally ran out of things this could be.

Dont get me wrong back some days I feel great! But others I find it hard to get out of bed. I have an appt with the Dermi the 22nd and ITS GOING TO BE A LONG visit to them! I am not accepting maybe a virus any longer. I am going to do some research on this med they gave me at the Rheumi.And hopefully when I start that I feel lots better..

I also read that IBS runs in lupus patients,and it worsens around that time of the month. Before all this started my periods were as good as they could be.Hardly any cramps,I had energy and most of the time I had no signs of my period until I "started". Now right before I start I feel sickly.I get cramps so bad,I literally double over!

I can not wait to get this all figured out soon,so I can get my life back!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me so quickly.Knowing you know exactly what I am going through helps in so many ways. And I will be going to the library today to find out about that book.Thank you!

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