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Question, my mamogram and sonogram showed that my lymph nodes are showing up as pronounced. This was 4 years ago. Every tech says the same thing each year but that they are the same looking as before. I can feel the ones under my right armpit but can't find them on the left side but no pain. I have Lupus. My PM says there is nothing to worry about unless they get bigger, they are not, the report sent to him says "that the nodes are prominant as appeared in 2004, may be Lupus connected."
Could the Lupus be effecting the nodes. I am not always having a flare up when the mamogram was taken. The tech said she would hate to stick a needle in if not necessary. Has anyone had this experience? Thanks
Hi Okck!
I did not have the exact same experience as you but I will tell a much shortened version of mine and maybe it will make you feel more confident in what you think you should do next.
A couple of years ago I was having a specialized ultrasound of my uterus where they inject saline solution through it to get a clearer picture. Well, the picture came back with a large shadow that looked like it was coming from behind my uterus. I was immediately sent for MRI and the results came back Lymphoma. I was then immediately sent to a leading Oncologist who told me that from the pictures he was just about 100% sure it was lymphoma, they just had to do more tests to find out what kind. So I had a CT scan, a Gallium scan, a bone Marrow biopsy, a fine needle aspiration and finally, they opened me up (laporascopically) and took the 'lymphoma' tumour completely out - or as much of it as they could get, it was approximately 3 x 5 cms, huge, that is why they were so sure it was lymphoma. Well, after 2 and a 1/2 weeks of horrible waiting after the surgery what do you think the results came back as - Lupus Reactive. My oncologists were visibly stunned and so was my surgeon who told my family while I was still under that he was 100% sure it was lymphoma because he had held it in his hands and had seen this many times before.
Sorry this was so long but the moral of the story is that us 'lupus people' have strange things that happen to our body and one of the these is lymph swelling. I will say if you truly are worried, perhaps you should get another opinion, it can't hurt. Some of the meds that we are on (immunosuppresants) have actually been linked to lymphoma so if you have been on any of these perhaps you should look into your condition more. One thing I have learned with my health problems over the last 14 years is to take charge of your own situation. If you are not happy with the medical care you are receiving - look elsewhere and keep demanding answers because you deserve them.
Take Care - Tis
Thanks for you story. What I am really wondering is if it is normal to be able to feel the nodes only on one side and not the other. Like I said they don't hurt and they have not changed in size since my first mamogram in 2004. I just want to know if anyone else with Lupus has found this to be the case. This just may be the way I am. The tech used the same term "Lupus Reactive" but would that be the case in just one arm and not the other?
Dunno if this will help or not, and at the risk of being totally embarrassed, here goes.........For several years now, (even prior to Lupus Dx) I have had a lot of breast swelling and pain, especially before a period......they become hot to the touch enlarged, firm and painfull, sort of like when I got engorged after my son was born. At the same time, the lymphnodes in my armpits swell considerably. Some of the pain I experience may be from the fact that I have costochondritis. I have seen 3 ob-gyns and 2 primary gps and asked them about this......I have been told repeatedly that it (breast pain and all) is caused by my monthly cycle hormones irritating the Lupus and causing the nodes to swell. Due to other lupus problems I have been placed on very high doses of steriods periodically, and , during those times, the problems with my breasts went away......which makes me think the Dr.s were right.

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