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In 2004 I had an ANA of 1:640 with a homogenous pattern, Liver profiles were off the charts, I was barely able to get out of bed for months, nausea, diah., vomiting, stomach pains, achy muscles and joints, migraines that would make me occasionally blind, bladder infections on top of each other, and so much more I can barely talk about it. Well my gallbladder died and they took it out said I would be fine. Several doctors wanted me to see a rhuemy about Lupus but I didn't well until I wasn't getting better. I had 3 positive ANA's sequentially then since 11/06 they have been all negative, but I am on DMARDS. MTX to be exact. Some say LUPUS my doctor says maybe? I say definately from what I read on here and other boards. He thinks though not because of the negative ANA. Well I wrote the folks and I got a nice email back that said and I quote,

"While the statement that once a positive ANA is always a positive ANA even when it shows up negative has been expressed by several members of the Medical Advisory Committee, there is no official statement to this in the LFA fact sheets or web site. The closest we have is the ANA can also change from positive to negative, or negative to positive, in the same person. Some of this also is the beliefs of the different doctors. Doctors have different theories on different issues and until you talk to them you never know what their reference view is."

Dawn E Isherwood RN
Health Educator
Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.

So if Dr. Hughes will take a stance on ANA doesn't have to stay positive why can't American doctors do the same.

I am convinced it is LUPUS and I don't think a doc will convince me otherwise. What does anyone else think? Do doctors ever post here?


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