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Thanks for the reply Vee.Yes I read the sticky about aps and that was what stirred my curriosity about it.I do see a rhuemie and my gp on a regular basis.I seen the same dr. for 8yrs.with multiple symtoms of lupus but did not realize what they were and that dr. dx'd me with having fibromyalgia, which I have also but I had several positive ana test, high inflammatory markers,and other test but he signed them off as normal when I should have been referred to a rhuemie years ago.I knew in my heart that there was something else going on and my dr. just kinda turned a deaf ear to me.Needless to say I HAD ENOUGH! I switched to another gp that I absolutely love and it just so happened 4 days after my first office visit I had a horrible flare that lasted 6 weeks.To make a long story short she recognised the signs immediately ,done her own blood work,refered me to my rhuemie and he dx'd me with sle in december.As for my meds I am on plaquenil 400mgs a day,lyrica 150mgs a day,depakote er 500mgsa day,vitamin d 50,000 units 1x aweek.I also have pain killers I keep on the back burner for the absolutely unbearable days.My gp did do a large amount of blood work last tuesday(9 vials) she mentioned I also tested pos. for ctd in 2004 from my old she run the whole entire panel again.Am I falling apart or what? Sorry to write such a long post ,it is just nice to chat with someone else that can understand. Patti

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