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Hi, I am now not sure if I really have lupus or not, but there are symptoms that I can remember happening while having flares:

My first flare up happened when I was about 20 yrs old. Since then I've had many flare ups, not always the same symptoms each time and I dont know if its' all related....

joint pains (started in right ankle, progressed to left ankle, other times it was in my knees; about 4-5 yrs ago I developed severe spine problems, mainly lumbar, though Im told this is not lupus related; had pains in my cervical spine, left shoulder, hips, and hands more recently). Sometimes its only 1 or 2joints, other times its all over;it's not necessarily always on both sides either.

joint swelling - have had severe swelling in my left ankle not been able to walk on it (just last April was finally diagnosed with chronically torn tendons, thickened tendons, tenosynovitis, osteochondral lesions, and severe arthritis in that ankle), have had some swelling in knees, and have also had swelling in my lumbar spine, right about where L5/S1 is

joint stiffness - many times its all over , weather & humidity really seems to affect it; stiff in morning and when sitting for more than 15 minutes or so. Sometimes I am really stiff all day, though moving around seems to alleviate it some.

rashes - have had a butterfly shaped raised red, plaqy rash across my cheeks and nose and at same time long, red oval shaped rashes on both inside bottom arms; a dermatologist suspected lupus, had an elevated ANA at the time; have also had small circular red ring rashes with clear centers that never itched or anything; have had weird flaky rash type thing along my hairline; have had tiny blistering rashes along the sides of my outer fingers and hands, they were extremely itchy; it wasnt pus filled, but more like clear watery substance, when they broke open, the whole area would turn brown like a scar would; also had this weird thing happen on the tops of my hands - I would get what looked like a large round bruise on both hand tops, but it didnt hurt. Then the skin would kind of harden & it would be raised and kind of whitish, kinda like a bunion or something would. It didnt itch though. Every single rash i've had has always eventually went away on it's own.

Hives and Angiodaema - usually happens when I have other symptoms, I get hives on different areas of my body and doesnt seem to correlate w/ soaps, detergents, foods, etc. I also get huge hive like swelling on my face (around my eyes, around my lips, and sometimes along my jaw line)

Possible migraines without headaches - I get the visual disturbances, loss of vision, ear ringing, smelling weird things, weird taste in my mouth; but never had the actual headache right after (though I did get other headaches all the time). Recently, though, Ive vomited suddenly, and gotten these auras, and also the headache with it and then suddenly fell asleep

Eyes sensitive to light - this has just happened recently, sometimes I have ot wear sunglasses inside;

Pain in eyes, blood spots in eyes

Low grade fevers

Bladder infections, bladder hesitancy, bladder fullness, though I think some of my bladder issues seem spine related

Fatigue - many times has been unrelenting and terrible; I would feel like my whole body was a cement block that I was trying to move; it sometimes gets very difficult to walk up even one stair;

When I get that fatigue, I cannot get enough sleep; sometimes I've slept 16 hours straight but still not feel like i didnt get enough

Eyelid swelling - sometimes my entire eyes were almost closed shut, looks like my eyelids are all swollen or bloated; This only happens while in a bad flare or when im off steroids

Muscle pains - which I think are related to the fatigue. I dont always get muscle pain with flares, though.

Muscle spasms and cramps - have tried calcium, magnesium, zinc and other remedies and nothing seems to help. I do know many of the spasms I get are spine related, though.

Restless Legs - have had a few episodes of this

Hairloss/thinning - I never lost it where I had bald spots, I would lose alot of hair all over. I even started wearing my hair up b/c it was embarrassing how my hair would be everywhere. Like all over my chair/desk at work; it would be all over my bed, everywhere.

Sores in nose

Had some blood & protein in urine one time that I know of; I though i had a bladder infection, got an in office test and the doc said I had some blood & protein in my urine; was referred to a kidney specialist and that doc totally dismissed me, so never checked into it any further

nausea & vomiting without auras or headaches

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