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Vee, thank you so much for replying to my post. My first-ever rash was target-like and as the rash spread, it started to fade. My derm started me on steroid creams, which was like throwing a glass of water on a burning house. Found a great rheumy and started Plaquenil (not the generic ... and I'm going to check out your suggestion with the derm), along with Dapsone. In 1992, Dapsone was off-label for lupus. After about 2 months, everything cleared up and I thought I was in remission ... not! But that's how lupus works, as we all know! I have the Wallace hardcover and revisited it again. It's my little lupus bible and I keep it handy in the "powder room." ;)

I think your ideas about photosensitivity (which are NOT from left field) certainly have merit. My left arm is more affected when driving; and the right arm when a passenger. Thankfully, I work for a gastroenterologist who bought table lamps for my office, instead of the fluorescent fixtures. My staff calls it the Lupus Cave. It helps to work in the softer and dimmer lights. When the steroids kick in around noontime each day and the shakes with vertigo start up, the steroid side effects are less intense in that type of light. However, I spend alot of time in front of my computer with a hallogen light nearby. Hmmmm. Could that effect the skin?

Many apologies for going on and on. Like most people with lupus, I cruise the internet frequently, thinking I'll find some site or some post that will match up with my set of symptoms, etc. This is the first place I've registered that made any sense to me, and I'm very grateful.

I'm an independent, intelligent woman who has a supportive, wonderful family. I have been blessed with great friends. I work full time. Heck, I've worked 3 jobs at a time when I had to make ends meet!! We all have unique challenges and limitations ... physical, financial and emotional. And like many people with lupus, I know my limitations and seek a healthy balance in my life between work and rest and fun.

Yet, I know this much is true ... if someone asks how I'm doing, I just say "fine" even when I'm not. Good thing I see a therapist a couple times each month. I cope with telling funny lupus stories. If I spend more than 2 minutes talking about lupus with family or friends, their eyes will glaze over, they'll change the subject, or get sad. "Fine" is so much easier to deal with!

So thanks for reading and replying. It's good to know that good people are out there coping with the same kind of challenges with photosensitvity, medications, side effects of medications, etc, etc, etc!!

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