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I am so confused. My doctor will not return my calls at all. I am hurting!

Two years ago my Titered Anti-Nuclear ABS was 1:320 speckled pattern SS-A. Doctor never said a word and since then I have a new doctor who said it was nothing. EVERTYHING I read says this is high and given I have Raynaud’s on my toes, easy bruising and bruises that last forever, frequent lower back pain, occasional joint pain as well as being tired a lot, would this be an indicator of something?

The interp on the lab slip says “Speckled pattern SS-A (Ro) pattern >/=1:160 this distinctive pattern is confirmatory for Anti-SS-A (Ro). Anti-SS-A (Ro) may be seen in Sjogren’s syndrome, SLE and subacute cutaneous lupus.”

The ANA I had done 2-20-08 now shows positive >= 1:640 speckled pattern SS-A Ro. It also mentions getting an IFA done.

I understand also that 5% of the population can have positive ANA. How high is the ANA of this 5%?

What does all this mean? Am I right in thinking that this could possibly indicate an autoimmune disease and warrants further investigation or is this related to the Raynaud’s?


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