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Re: New to board
Mar 2, 2008
Annie, welcome! I'm only a patient, and obviously only your doctor(s) can provide valid info. But I hope some of what follows can help pad out the questions you're already developing.

I had widespread tingling, which *may* have been B12/Folate anemia related. Also, my tingling was the worst in my rash areas (upper arms/torso, later determined to be subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus rashes, annular form) & ankles (later learned that was mild cutaneous vasculitis).

Joint pain & pain along long bones (like arms & legs) are common in lupus. Pain is typically symmetrical, meaning both elbows, both shoulders, etc. at the same time---then some other day, it could be another pair, or more, of joints/areas.

As for ANA, it's positive in several diseases, thus it's only a threshold test that spurs doctors to call for more *specific* tests, like anti-ds-DNA, anti-Sm, anti-Ro, anti-La, anti-RNP, rheumatoid factor, complement levels, anticardiolipin, etc. (There are a whole raft.) One "sticky post" at the top of the thread contains info on test results, and another lists criteria for diagnosing systemic lupus & antiphospholipid syndrome (a blood clotting disorder). Have you seen those "stickies"?

You mention blood sugar & cholesterol levels. Could you be diabetic? I'm only wondering, but I'm *not* familiar with those units of measurement. Were your results flagged as high? Neuropathy (tingling, numbess, etc.) is pretty common in it.

About weakness in your leg: I'm far too uneducated to say anything useful, in that you had normal MRI results... But coupled with finger tremors, I think in your shoes I'd want to see a neurologist (or another one, if the dr. who did your MRI is a neurologist). Or an endocrinologist (if your blood sugar is high). I hope others here will chip in with better questions on this (and everything else, too!).

Wish I had more to offer. Sending my best wishes. I hope you keep posting here. Bye for now, Vee (P.S. Have you done outside reading? In the U.K., a hugely respected rheumie/author is Dr. Graham Hughes. In the U.S., both Dr. Daniel Wallace and Dr. Robert Lahita are well-known. I don't know your top choices in Australia---sorry!)

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