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I'm new to this thread, and I'm hoping to get some help. My mom was diagnosed with Lupus six years ago during a severe flareup.

I had back surgery last year for a disc herniation that was causing me severe leg and back pain. Now, after being fused, I am still having a lot of leg pain. Doc thinks it could be inflamation around the screws, which is abnormal. Also, I have a small bulge in my neck, which would normally not cause problems, but I am symptomatic, and the EMG suggests nerve root irritation.

OK, so two months ago, I started getting migraines out of nowhere. CT scan, MRI and EEG were all normal.

Now, I am getting a "butterfly rash". I can't pinpoint exactly when it happens, but it seems to be when I am exposed to light. My cheeks and nose get red. It is occuring more and more. Also, when I was at the casino last month, I got a migraine that was so severe I couldn't move my head.

My surgeon suggested today (because he saw the rash on my face) that my hypersensitivity to inflaming where somebody normally wouldn't, as well as the rash he saw on my face, that I should be retested for Lupus.

Thoughts? I'm a little nervous about this. The headaches are incredible!

Thanks for anybody's thoughts!

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