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Re: Lupus?
Mar 23, 2008
Hi, 3boysmommy. I can share a couple of things, but these these are obviously not "answers"... only useful (hopefully) to augment your own questions, etc. when you see a real live doctor.

There is one kind of raised, blistery, watery, itchy, whitish/yellowish lupus rash. It's called "bullous LE". I *may* have had a widespread one as a child; but I was Dx'ed with lupus so many years later, that the rheumie could only see it as interesting, but way too long ago for any kind of "proof". (By that time, I had another type of recurring rash, anyway.)

I've read that some people with lupus can get inflammation around the cartilage of the outer ear. Plus, I met a woman with the SCLE form of lupus who had multiple bouts of brownish, itchy, weepy rashes on her outer ears.

Whether or not the things you have point to lupus, I couldn't guess. There are probably other conditions that can cause some of the same things, but once joints act up, plus skin, plus possible photosensitivity---well, seeing a rheumatologist just makes good sense. Why don't you go ahead & book? (If I told you how long it took me to realize this was the specialty I needed to seek out, you'd fall over laughing! :)) I hope you keep posting & wish you luck with your next efforts. Sending you my best wishes, Vee

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