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Atypical SLE rash?
Apr 21, 2008
I've been getting a weird rash on and off a few times a year on my neck only. They are these incredibly itchy pustules that are all over my throat and up to my ears. I've been to the dermatologist who only determined that it looked like some kind of infection, but had no idea what it was. He gave me some different topical meds hoping one would help. After a few weeks, the rash subsides. It's not always the same degree of severity, but its always itchy and always on my neck. Is this possibly a lupus-type rash? I just went today for my anti-DS DNA, SSA, SSB, C3, C4, anti-Ro and another ANA (last one was 1:80 homogenous). Any thoughts would be great. I have a bunch of other symptoms and conditions, but it just occurred to me that this rash could be related. Thanks!
Wallis, hi. I met a woman with lupus who kept getting, around her outer ears, something her doctor thought was seborrheic dermatitis: tiny pustules, reddish-brown & crusty, wildly itchy, prone to spreading. It took her a lot of IV antibiotics to get rid of it. This was NOT a lupus rash per se. Personally, I wondered about hair treatments &/or ear piercings along the pinna (outer edge of ear); but I have no idea what was really doing it.

FYI, I get something similar from earrings & necklaces that contain nickel. Wool garments or scarves directly on my skin do pretty much the same.

FYI, the literature says that "most" lupus rashes do not itch, which makes me wonder which ones DO itch... For instance, I've seen pics of "tumid lupus" that seem to favor the v-neck area; but I have no idea whether that itches, or not. And I've read, in Dr. Wallace's hardcover, about "lupus urticaria" (hives), but if thse look like "regular" hives, then that's probably not what you're describing.

Anyway, I hope you can get it to stop & can get some answers from the bloodwork you just had done. Drop us an update when you can, OK? Best wishes, from Vee

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