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Yes, i've also been getting allergies, especially in spring, probably from the pollen. I also always bad sinus problems, but over the past several years, it does seem my allergies are getting worse. I never had allergies as a child, though. I am also severely allergic to sulfa anitbiotics, plus penicillin and a few others. But I found this out many years ago before I ever had a diagnosis. I took the sulfa for a bladder infection , took it several days (and during this time was getting small itchy bumps here & there which I thought were just mosquito bites), then day I just blew up. Severe huge hives all over every part of my body, I turned beat red, and felt ill, went to the meds, but I was left with a disgusting dark purple spottty rash on my body which took months to fade away, ackkkkkk!

I also get hives & angioedema, but I cannot related it to any one thing. It usually happens along when i have other symptoms, but sometimes I just get hives. I got hives over my surgical incision when it was healing, and I still get hives once in a while over that area when my low back hurts. Now I have some other kind of rash going on comes & goes (around my ankles, my outer elbows and just recently right at the top of my forehead where it meets my hairline), and it's kind of scaly. My podiatrist had seen this rash on my one ankle and said it was probably eczema (which he said could be due to an allergic reaction) but I've not been to a derm to have it checked. But sometimes it itches like mad. But I don't really know if this in particular could have anyting to do with lupus...maybe it's someting totally seperate.

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