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Vee,mmee and ACO-
Thank you all for your kind responses. I do think the second rheum has a better approach. She in fact did the ANA over again(this is 5 months after the weak positive) all the Sm,Rnp,SSB, Immune Complex by Ciq,Fluid and solid,ESR, RA factor. She did not think I had the malar rash, she examined my body carefully.
This time the ANA was 1:80 homogenous pattern positive/other tests negative
Since I have extreme dry eyes, mouth skin, oral recurring sores, I am scheduled for a lip biopsy in about 2 wks to rule in/out sjogren's. Also have the hashimoto's and maybe that alone is elevating ANA-who knows?
I don't know if this is all leading anywhere else. It is curious to me that my ANA at first rheum went from weak positive 0.07. Now 1:80 which puts it between low positive and positive.
I just want to again thank you folks for the prompting and pushing to just keep trying to figure things out.
In my experience it has almost always taken weeding through a number of drs. that seem not to care, seem disinterested, seem mean :(, seem NOT HELPFUL-then you find someone.But, by that time you feel so tired and weakened by the ordeal and what you are going through that I think you come off as a difficult patient. I am convinced I am not difficult , despite what I have been through I try to stay positive, not too neurotic with the symptoms and experience with doctors-by keeping a balanced life as much as possible, being courteous to the dr. and their staff, appreciative of their efforts and fully cognizant that I am by no means in the worst shape of their patients and that they are very busy with a full load. I just courteously ask for what I would consider decent treatment for anyone. When doctors can't /won't provide it I have had to move on. I am convinced you will not change a dr. Anyone else have to do this dr. shuffle , and get soo tired of moving on? Since Jan, I have a new pcp who my phys. ther. had to beg to let me into her closed practice. And I think the pcp is turning around my heretofore hideous med. experience. In fact I know she is making so much of a positive difference. She has told me flat out, I am in your corner. And, has said this on two occassions. The first time I started crying-she was so forthright about wanting to try to help me-no dr. had ever come close to saying anything like that. And, she has followed through. So, I am very thankful to have been able to get into her practice. I am pretty convinced that a good dr. can make a big difference -not that the CURE of everything will be found, but you can release the tension that you are going at it alone with no help. I hope everyone could find such a dr.:)

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