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HI, Thanks guys for all your replies. I havent found concrete evidence to suggest a link with the Erythema Nodosum, or Rheumatic fever but I do think there is a link somewhere.
I am going to the London Lupus Clinic on Friday for a private consultation, im hoping to get some advice and help, even if it means no I don't have it, and therefore I will be able to move on.
Incidentally, my mother has thyroid problems and her mother before her, so again I am not sure if I should mention this to the consultant aswell when I see him.
I am not looking to have Lupus, but after being so ill for so long I AM searching for answers, so that when I do get flares from time to time, I may be able to get help or medication to help me through.
I am very low with all of this, I have lost ALOT of weight through gastric problems, chest infections, my stomach becomes SO inflammed, my gums are extremely swollen when this all flares up, my joints ache, ie, my wrists, my knees, my eyes get inflammed and red, I have to take drops for that. I get bad bruising on my arms if I do to much manual work, got a rash that comes and goes on my neck, my forefing and thumb are so tender at times I can't even lift the kettle. I could sleep for a whole year and still feel tired, I get BAD headaches, nausea, vomiting, all this when I get a flare and then it goes. As in it calms down and I am able to function again, but it leaves me so very physically weak. My blood test for Lupus came back borderline, not sure what that means. I get wore before my menstrual cycle and the pain in my back is terrible at times. I get chest pain, not all the time but when it happens fells like a dam heart attack, urinary infections aqnd my memory is pathetic. I could go on but it just sounds like a hypocondriac and believe me thats the last thing I am. I would sell my soul to feel well and not frightened by these flares or episodes. Anyway thanks again guys...appreciate the help and info..

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