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Hi all!

I have a few questions for those with a Lupus dx and those working with their rummies on getting a dx.

In the past 6 years I have had [B]two spinal fusions [/B](due to injuries from a MVA), a [B]total thryriodectomy [/B]for a super large goither (still not able to get the synthroid levels in hypothyroidism) and a [B]total hysto[/B].

Past two years or so I have been [B]dealing with urination urgency [/B](Dextrol did not help), [B]sweats[/B] (day and night) if my body is overheating, [B]pain and stiffness in legs [/B](as if I have slept on them, but when I move to get relief as if they have gone to sleep..relief doesn't come), five [B]bouts of iritis [/B](finally dragged myself to eye doctor about the last bout, thinking the other bouts were pink eye) and the almighty [B]fatigue[/B]. I had chalked alot of these things up to menopause and the thyroid issues.

However my PCP didn't "buy" my explainations and ordered blood and urine tests. She didn't duplicate the test, in Dec 07 I just had blood tests, in Apr 08 she added urine work. I will list the high results according to the lab for comments.

[U]Dec 07[/U]
Reactive Lymph 2
Abs Reactive Lymph 0.11
Sodium Level 143
RBC 3.97
TSH 27.65

[U]April 08[/U]
Urine PH 7.0
WBC 23
Anti Nuc Ab Screen Low Grade Positive; Titer<=1:80
Speckled, Normal is Negative

My Anti Sm, RNP were elevated but within the negative range

But my Sed Rate was over 40, yet my RF was <20.

I guess I am wanting to find out from others what were your early screening numbers if you have a dx and if you don't have a dx what are your numbers now.
My PCP told me she is going to foward my history to a rummie for an appointment. I just wanted to talk to others to see what the future may hold.

Thanks..everyone get well. :angel:

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