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Hi, this is my first post here and would really appreciate your thoughts and advice. Sorry in advance if this is a bit long. I have been tested in depth for MS for the last five years but no dx. However, if I give you a run down of problems perhaps you may help.
Persistant and often UTI's since early teens. Hysterectomy at 26 following 2 miscarriages, heavy periods and 4 abnormal smears. I have huge joint pain and can bearly stand when I get up in mornings. My hands and arms and stiff and painful and quite bizarly (sp) the ends of my fingers. My lumbar puncture showed Oligoclonal bands in the blood and Fluid suggesting lupus not MS. My last four urine tests have shown blood in the urine. Massive!!! photosensitivity ie no more than 10 minutes in the sun without braking out with itchy blisters. I also have a huge reaction to insect bites and have to carry round prescribed tablets. A fatigue that is like someone suddenly turning out the light. There are loads of other silly symptoms but I wont bore you further.
My first ruemy appointment is in 2 weeks time and although I am going there because the GP thinks I have CFS?? do you think I could ask if he thinks I may have Lupus.
Many thanks for your replies in advance and your help.
Sorry, what I should have added above is, I have been hospitalised three times in last few months for a fecal impaction which they say is due to thickening of the colon wall. I have also had optic neurtis twice and recently had "episeritis" in my left eye and hospital said is was very possibly due to RA or auto-immune disease.

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