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Hi, it's Vee again.

High platelet counts: I've read this can happen "simply" due to chronic inflammation. Have you ever been tested for antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)? FYI, I don't mean to scare you! I have no idea whether what you described is even in the ballpark of APS---only that it can't hurt to ask.

You mention a "T&A" when you were 12. I don't know what that stands for?

Gallbladder problems are more common in people with lupus, per Dr. Wallace (I think). So is hypothyroidism. Whether in your case these were *caused* by lupus, I obviously couldn't say, but it makes one wonder, doesn't it?

Claustrophobia, agoraphobia, etc.: I've read that people with lupus can experience such things. I sure did, years before I was Dx'ed: rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, etc., ALWAYS in the most inconvenient places (riding on subway, driving across bridges, etc.) Post-Dx, it all stopped. Also, I wonder if your thyroid issues can contribute?

Maybe like a lot of us, it will turn out that some of your past problems *could* have been lupus-related but that no one will ever be able to say for sure. So the main thing is probably to get thru what you have NOW, meaning (for starters)
(1) see the nephrologist.
(2) Ask rheumie for copies of labs, etc. on which your lupus Dx was based & start keeping your own personal file.
(3) Ask whether you've been tested for APS.

I hope others chip in with other thoughts soon. Hang tough! Vee

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