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I've been experiencing muscle aches, joint aches, fatigue, anemia at times, etc. and my bloodwork came back with low Vitamin D and positive ANA. The ANA is what has me confused. Everyone on here and every site registers the measuresments to be reported as 1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, etc. and I do understand the process. I went to LabCorp to have it done and this is what I received:

Antinuclear Antibodies direct (Final) out of range - 180 High AU/mL

Negative <100
equivocal 100-120
Postive >120

Can anyone shed any light.......I'm trying to figure out just how high this is. From everything I'm reading it doesn't seem majorly high, but I'm just not sure of this labs process and don't know.......Anyone????

Also, I have a Rheumatologist appt. on August 11 and got more blood tests today for more specific results:

ANA w/ reflex titer & Pattern
anti DS dna anti SM Ab
Anti Rl anti La anti RNP

So now I wait.........but after so long with the body aches and fatigue I'm just glad that at least I finally have a direction to go in to maybe start feeling better. Thanks for any input.

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