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Hi all I have looked at this forum awhile now. Lurking I guess:o

I have been told MS, Parkinsons, RA, Fibro. I was at the end of my rope but last week my hair started falling out in patches!!!!!!!!!!
I felt horrified. I have six sons (my username was made when I only had four) Keith age 19, Eric Jr age 17, Christian age 15, Chandler age 8, Carrenton age 7, and Chamberland age 5 months, I am a stay at home homeschooling mom and my husband is a commercial truck driver. I have aways felt worst after having my kids but i have had sx since I was a teen(16)

Rashes, Joint pain ,fever, mouth ulcers, discoid lesions on my shoulders and chest, tremors and recently hair loss. I suffered from heart failure due to excessive fluid in my lungs in 1999 after my 8 year old was born and it was never determined why until today my doc says she thinks it is all related.

I was dx w/ fibro in 2001 and told possible lupus but my ana was negative. well today my ana was still negative but my doc says she is sure that it is LUPUS. I am still breastfeeding my 5month old so she told me to wean him over the next few weeks so I can start treatment. T

That has me a lil depressed cause I have always nursed my boys for a year. my husband is great and being supportive but I need to get all the info I can for him and my kids. I have been told so many different things over the years that we are all confused!!!!! I guess I am just worried about how I am gonna explain all this to the kids.

Has any one else ever heard of or been told ana negative lupus? Is the treatment any different than ANA positive LUPUS?

I know I have come to the right place :)GOD BLESS AND ((((((HUGS))))))

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