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Hello, I haven't been diagnosed with lupus and as far as I can tell I don't have any other symptoms, but I can't figure out why else i would have this sun sensitivity. I can get a rash anywhere from 5min to an hour depending on the strength of the sun. i don't get bumps, I just get red and itchy. It is, however, quite painful. The redness and itchiness goes away in about an hour or two, after which I am a little tired but not immobile. Let me back up, I get EXTREMELY itchy. The itchiness can sometimes be so severe that it is better described as pain than itchiness. This started one day out at a pool in Florida when I was 24. I had been out in the sun for about an hour and a half and developed a redness only on the more sensitive parts of my body. The irritation made it look as though I was wearing a red shirt. My head, hands, fore-arms, and neck were unaffected.'s everywhere. Mind you, I have never before been sensitive to the sun. I am fair skinned but as a child would often spend all day outdoors and rarely burned. Then, at 24, out of the blue I can no longer be outside in direct sunlight. I am now 32 and this has gotten to where all areas of my body are affected, not just those usually covered. I'm already looking into Lupus but, like I said, I have no other symptoms. Anyone have any knowledge of a non-lupus case of photosensitivity this severe?

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