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Hi I am having the worse swelling between my knuckles and my hands hurt really bad. Is this a Lupus sx anyone else has had? I called my doc today to set up an appt. Just typing this makes me cringe:(

Please let me know if this sounds familiar. THNX!!
My hands hurt every single day, so I would think it's just part of the whole Lupus cycle.
Swelling in my fingers is really painful. I think it is part of the lupus package. My toes don't swell through. Thankfully. I did see my Rheumy about it and he said nothing unusual about it so I guess I'll just suffer it through. Typing does hurt but it's part of my job so I just have to take a nsaid and buck up.
Hi Motheroffour06,

I'm sorry you are in so much pain right now. Over the winter I had extreme joint pain in the fingers and wrists. However, my fingers never swelled so on the external view everything looked fine. It hurt to type, to staple items. I couldn't pick up a basket at the super market.

It can be very frustrating. Has your doctor placed you on Plaquenil? That has helped along with a good NSAID when I had the hand pain flare. I hope you feel better soon!!!



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