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I have a blood clot in my lung that just appeared and it doesn't just go away. It is caused by the lupus and I am now on blood thinners forever. I had to go to the hospital too. I have a cough along with this and it's like the same cough my mother had before she died of emphysema. I have never smoked either. It scares me but looking it up on the net it says a cough is one of the signs of a clot in the lung. I hope you don't have a clot but you might mention to your Dr. that this is chronic for you. There has to be a better answer than just bronchitis. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Hello to all! Thanks so much for the input and advice. I have had bronchitis diagnosed by my doctor twice in the past three months. I felt it coming on again when I posted this, but then I actually started feeling better. When I went to the doctor (a different one) they did a chest x-ray which was all clear, and lungs sounded good. My chest when I coughed felt tight and burning, so I thought for sure I was getting bronchitis again, but maybe it cleared up on its own?? I've never had that happen before. Now I'm wondering if it's something different and not bronchitis....

I still cough a lot and I have noticed sometimes my voice will change throughout the day and will occasionally get tight feeling....has anyone had this? It's so weird.....this disease causes so many weird things to happen!

Has anyone else noticed anything with their voice changing and tightness in their throat area???
I too have Lupus and Sjogrens. I take Plaquinil, Mobic, Evoxac, Ambien and Proton inhibitor. My voice has been coming and going for a year now. Like a 13 year old boys going through puberty. I also have visual disturbances, usually towards the end of the day. I have seen an ENT. He said that Lupus can cause inflammation in the joint between the neck and vocal cords. I also have an annoying cough. My internist thinks it is allergies, my ENT thinks it is GERD or inflammation and my Rheumy thinks it is Sjogren's (dryness). I am scared they are overlooking something. You always hear someone with a life threatening disease always say "that it started with a cough that won't go away". I just started taking Evoxac a couple of months ago for the dryness. It does help although I sweat alot more. When I don't take it, because I want to be social, I feel like the dryness is worse. Maybe I just notice it more or my body decided to dry up even more. I think the dryness is definately the reason for my eyes.

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