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I hope you find some answers, as you seem so anxious about this, which I understand. What makes you ask about lymphoma, specifically? Just the swollen lymph nodes? I guess you would want to rule that out, but as many people here on this board could tell you, it can be something else besides lymphoma when your lymph nodes stay swollen for long periods of time. Since you put this question on the lupus board, I assume that you think you may have some kind of autoimmune disease going on.

What I now know was my first episode of lupus happened years ago and I also had swollen lymph nodes and the little tiny reddish-purplish dots all over my body, along with a lot of other things. I was in a panic and also thought of lymphoma, but my doctor dismissed it and it went away and I didn't think of it until years later when all the other symptoms started happening again. This second time, I would not let my doctor dismiss it, as the lymph nodes in my neck, armpit, and groin area were enlarged and some of them stayed that way for months. Would you believe a dermatologist diagnosed my lupus after examining the skin all over my body and my hair loss, after my internist told me I had some kind of ongoing scalp infection that was keeping my lymph nodes swollen. So, at least get tested for autoimmune disorders such as lupus, as they are one of the things that could cause what you are experiencing.

Good luck!

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