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Marilyn, hi. There *definitely* are lupus rashes other than "discoid". SCLE (subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus) encompasses two lupus rashes *strongly associated with anti-Ro antibodies*. There are two forms of SCLE that look quite different to the naked eye, as follows:

1. Annular. It looks like papules in its immature form; in mature form, the papules expand into targetlike circles with clear centers.

2. Papulosquamous or psoriasiform. It looks somewhat like psoriasis but isn't.

Unlike discoid rashes, SCLE rashes don't tend to scar or depigment. And SCLE rashes *generally* don't itch. (I guess that means that "sometimes" maybe they do...?)

Are you on GENERIC Plaquenil = hydroxychloroquine? I've read that some patients apparently develop rashes from the drug itself, and more often on the generic, but also sometimes on the brand-name. Then there's always the chance that something else entirely unrelated caused your itchy rash: proximity to a plant, a new laundry detergent or softener, etc. So I think you should simply call your dr. to discuss!

I hope this helps some. FYI, I was Dx'ed with SCLE years ago. I had the annular form of rash for 8+ years (duh!)---and many other problems--- before I fled my clueless suburban doctors & went to a teaching hospital rheumatologist. I think the SCLE/Ro variant of lupus is fairly rare. Actually, many books & articles don't cite it either. One author who DOES cover it is Dr. Daniel J. Wallace. His hardcover is in most libraries & large bookstores. Look for his 3rd edition.

Anyway, wishing you GOOD LUCK! Let us know how you're doing, OK? Sincerely, Vee P.S. Most people with anti-Ro lupus are VERY sun sensitive. Do you observe strict sun precuations?

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