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Recently I had a sudden onset of numbness in my left lower extremity. So I went to the Dr. and immediately sent for an MRI of my lumbar spine. Which consequently was normal. My Dr. referred me to a neurologist who sent me for labwork. The labwork showed many abnormalities such as postitive ANA titer of 640 speckled, iron deficiency, vitamin D deficiency & B12 deficiency and borderline hypothyroid.

I then underwent an EMG nerve conduction study for the numbness in my leg which was normal. Then after taking 4wks of vitamins I was sent for repeat labwork which, revealed even lower vitamin levels.

My Dr. is very concerned and has diagnosed me with Lupus and is not ruling out MS until I have an MRI of my brain & thoracic spine. My mother has Lupus and her mother had Lupus so the odds are against me. I have an appt. with a Rheumatoid in a couple days.

I just wondered if you know anything more. I do not know much about the disease. I just hope that my MRI shows no lesions. I fear MS. My mothers cousin suffers with MS and it is very debilitating.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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