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What could it be?
Mar 3, 2001
I am 29 years old. I have a two and a half year old daughter and a six month old son. I would say I have been relatively healthy with a few "semi-major" things coming up every few years. The latest is joint pain. It has been ongoing for a couple of years but just recently getting to the point I decided to seek a doctor's advice about it. My doctor had me take several blood tests and all came back fine except something she called a screen for lupus which came back positive. I am not exactly sure what this test is. She did some research and said she found a more specific test for lupus which I think was called an ADNA, it wasn't just an ANA there was definitely another letter. Anyway I am still waiting on the test results for that.

My symptoms are as follows joint pain mostly in the hands and feet and severe pain in the right hip that radiates down my leg and feels like a really bad charlie horse. This comes and goes. I have also experienced some fatigue but brushed this off to having two young children. However lately is seems to be getting worse and I find a lot of days I have to take a nap because I just can't stay awake. Another symptom I have had off and on (not lately but a few months ago-I had forgotten about it but my mother in law reminded me) is a weak in the knees kind of feeling. I just get weak and feel like my legs are going to buckle underneath me.

Past history includes anemia in high school, acid reflux and irritable bowel which was diagnosed when I was about 21 I think (also seems to bother me in varying degrees sometimes I don't notice it and others it really aggravates me regardless of what I eat) I also had a breat lump removed when I was 27 that turned out to be a fibrous anoma (sp?) I don't know if any of these symptoms are related but just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same? Honestly I didn't and don't know much about lupus before my doctor told me this. Fibromyalgia has been mentioned to me a lot when I talk about the joint pain but honestly I thought I was just getting arthritis at an early age. I never suspected these things could be related. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Jeannie M

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