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I just found this board today and I hope that someone may help. I'm in the middle of a new "flare up" and as usual my doctor wants to give me a prescription for anti-depressants. This flare up was a little different as this one was accompanied with a horrible rash on my legs. (Just returned from vacation) For 5 years now I have had severe joint pain and swelling, migraines, ulcers usually in the nose, fatigue, dry eyes requiring artifical tears, infected hair follicles and those other "strange" symtoms. My problem: My blood work is usually normal other than a high C-reactive protein. Did any of you have problems with your doctor trying to keep treating you for depression? I'm somewhere between wanting to cry my head off today and take that anti-depressant box and stuff it up my doctor's nose. He thinks it's early stage Lupus but can't diagnose it due to the blood work. So again we treat the symptoms with no diagnosis. I just want to scream at him "I'M NOT DEPRESSED" but then he'll say I'm psycho which I feel today. I'm sorry to vent but quite honestly I'm beginning to wonder if I am going nuts. Any advice would be so appreciated.
Hi Irish. Thanks so much for your reply. I have to admit that today has been such a bad day for me. I make a wild post without even as much as a decent hello. It's been such a long process for me. I started with symptoms about 4-5 years ago. Just started out as painful hands and joints. First diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both wrists. As the years have gone by the symptoms have worsened and the flare ups more intense and last longer. When these new things show up such as the rash, they scare me to death. What started out as extreme fatigue and painful joints has now progressed to that plus extremely painful knees and ankles, sensitivity to light (dry spots in the eyes and now apparently this rash) The rash is not what I describe as a rash, just horrid red spots all over my legs. I've had a miscarriage in my 5th month of pregnancy. The ulcers and/or blisters in my nose, fevers and the flu like symptoms. My family doctor always makes the comments or tries to push the anti-depressants. Today, his comment was sometimes we attribute the least little thing to the condition when it's not always connected. I'm 34 years old and so tired of the doctor seeming to be so non-chalant about this. He did finally refer me to a rheumatologist who feels that it "may" be early stages lupus or rheu. arth.. I started Plaquinil 5 months ago and it had helped but this was my first flare up in that time period and it did no good in helping the flare up. The dr. today didn't feel the rash was related to the meds but was "something new". I guess that's the worst part, the drs. saying "yes, you're having a flare up, we just don't know what of."

I practically read the whole board last night trying to learn as much as possible and I was so stunned to read the posts and how similar my symptoms are to some. I feel much better tonight as I've had time to just "chill". I just sometimes feel I could deal with this better if I knew WHAT I was dealing with. Does that make sense?

I'm sorry this post is so long but I felt I owed more of an explanation since my initial rant. lol. Again thanks for your reply. I needed to hear that.

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