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I've had very similar symptoms for years and years and years! Several years ago - at Disney World - I got this really weird rash on my lower legs after being in the sun all day. An ER Doctor said it was called "vasculitis" and that it was very odd and rare in someone as young as me. I think I was 29. I'm 42 now - and have had repeat occurances on and off - always from being in the sun. Now I slather myself in sunscreen to go outside - and have had no reoccurances. I have also had low-level, speckled titer ANA or negative ANA. I have had odd sores in my nose and in my mouth, horrible fatigue and wandering joint pains on and off over the years. I've had some visual disturbances (flashing lights in my vision - with transient loss of vision).An Optho-Neurologist said these visual episodes are called opthalmic migraine. Have been tested for MS - and these tests are negative. Once had a few weeks of hand numbness and legs tingling. Had negative MTI. I see a Rheumatologist now who says I have UCTD - Unspecified Connective Tissue Disorder. He thinks I may have Lupus and treats me as such. This disease masquerades as so may others - it's so confounding...At least I don't parade around to Doctors anymore and listen to them tell me I'm a "stressed out new Mother"...I know now there really is something wrong and am being taken seriously by my Rheumatologist.
Michelle - I forgot to tell you I had an MRI done a few years ago. It was for some odd visual symptoms I was having - flashes of lights in my left eye, as well as dark/blind spots in the same eye. I had this as a teen, and then it went away until I was in my mid-thirties and had had my first son. I started having this again on and off the plast several years. I also had some numbness and tingling in my left hand/leg. The MRI was fine. The Optho-Neurologist said I had Opthalmic Migraine. These episodes are never followed by a headache - I just get the migraine visual aura's. I suspect this ties in with Lupus/UCTD too - perhaps as a flaring of the optic nerve or some kind of exitement of the peripheral nervous system. I havne't had this in a few years - but it's scary. The MRI was easy. I went to a place that does "open" MRI's since I don't like to feel "closed in". I hope your testing goes well for you.

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