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I had no joint pain whatsoever. I'm told my my doctors that I am an unusual case. It was suspected by my regular doctor that I had lupus in mid-June. I had some really weird and vague symptoms and fatigue was one of them. I had a positive mono test earlier this year and I just thought what I was experiencing was from the mono. The only other constant symptoms that I had in addition to the fatigue was lots of swollen lymph nodes and a constant fever. But this was all explained away as the mono.

Totally on a whim one day while running errands, (June 15), I stopped at an Urgent care clinic to see if they could give me something for an eye infection I had. The doctor I saw there was really intrigued by some of the other symptoms I had recently and asked if she could run some blood tests. I told her yes--. I didn't even bother to ask what she was looking for or what she was doing. Anyway, a few days later I was told that I had some abnormal tests results (they had done a CBC, SED rate and a third one that I can't remember right now). My sed rate was 89 and the one I can't remember was also high. She called my regular doctor and they had me come and and run some more tests. After those came back abnormal, they had me do a few more and at that point told me they suspected it was Lupus. Then my ANA came back 1:1480 and my urine protein at almost 3%. I got a pretty definite diagnosis at that time but they still wanted to run the Lupus panel. By this time though, my doctor had made an appointment for me with a Rheumaologist. I went in a couple days later and--the lupus panel had come back positive and the rheumatologist confirmed the diagnosis.

I guess I have some serious kidney damage but no joint pain or involvement. It's weird because I wasn't looking for lupus--never even crossed my mind. And I also received a definite diagnosis (unlike most) and I got a diagnosis pretty quickly. Within a month.

I don't know if this helps you or anyone but if you have more questions, just post it and I'll answer the best I can.

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