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After having severely dry eyes and mild to moderate joint pains for months and months, I was finally diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome this past week. My Rheumatologist says that other than treating the symptoms as they arise (like that's a big help!), there is nothing else he can do other than offer me Plaquenil. My Opthalmologist, who I see regularly, agrees that I should try it. The Rheumatologist told me that it is mainly used for Lupus, but it is being tried in people with Sjogrens. I am curious to know if any of you have used Plaquenil solely for Sjogrens (with no presence of Lupus), and did it help at all with the dry eyes, etc... Also, how bad are the potential side effects? I know about all of them, but I want to hear about it first hand from people who have used it. With all of the potential side effects, is it worth it for me to use Plaquenil, which isn't even guaranteed to work, if I don't have Lupus? Please help, I am very confused.

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