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This doctor is "the" doctor to have in town - he does a lot of the athletes, stars, etc... He's much more expensive than the others, but supposedly, he's the best. He's already been tipped off and he sent me a letter saying that my surgery went perfectly, blah blah blah. Responded back that although the surgery might have gone well, the aftermath certainly wasn't. When my eyes are "moist", I do have close to 20/20 vision - the problem is that most of the time, my eyes aren't moist.

And one of the main reasons I had it done was so that I wouldn't have to wear contacts when I scuba dive - salt water doesn't exactly moisturize the eyes and you can't exactly stop at 100ft underwater and put in eye drops...

A lot of people rave about Plaquenil - I have been taking it since October and personally haven't noticed any improvement. My rheumy said I would be a lot worse off if I stopped it. (I decided to stop it on my own a few weeks ago - don't notice any difference yet)

Bloodwork-wise, your results may show ups and downs - mine certainly does. I get blood done every month while they are investigating my fatigue - and honestly, I don't see any correlation b/w when I feel like doggie doo and my blood results - often they are fine when I feel like crap. If I were you, I'd want to get tested just to know - that way you can be on alert for problems should they occur - ie, kidney involvement or lung involvement.

A lot of women are "borderline" lupus for a period of several years before it really kicks in - but the thing about lupus is that it manifests itself differently for each person. I'm not sun-sensitive at all (I have a great tan thanks to all the time on the water). I just tend to get infections (usually bizarre ones) out of the blue. My friends are all saying that I'll probably end up with West Nile Virus - and, half-joking, it would probably happen to me. You might want to check out "the lupus book" at the library and read it. It's a fast read and can give you some feedback on the disease - see if it fits or not. It's a teal-green book.

When they were testing me for lupus 3 years ago, my lupus results were borderline, but the sjogren's were "off the charts" even though I had no problems at the time. The doctor couldn't believe that I was symptom-free. I drink water like a horse - I don't know how much that has helped keep me hydrated...

I'm going to do a little more research on the cauterizing, but I'm certainly leaning toward having it. I still have to wait for my plugs to come out (again) and find a slow time at work - maybe during the holidays. And, if I'm going to pursue things legally, it would probably be beneficial to get the atty's say on things...

Hope everything goes well with the doc today. I'm sorry your eyes are burning. Maybe there's something the doctor can recommend to help out with it.

Gotta go put some eye drops in... LOL

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