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Sorry for disappearing - I started working again for the first time in 18 months this week. I thought the company would have better insurance and I am almost out of money. Turns out their insurance SUCKS. Regardless, I'm going to hang there as long as I can until I find something else.

I've actually been feeling better the past couple of weeks - I stopped taking Plaquenil and Celebrex. I still have the joint pain in my hips that is bad, but my energy level is up.

I got the medical records from the doctor with no problem. I saw the atty on Friday. It turns out he focuses primarily on cases involving breast cancer misdiagnoses. Never dealt with lasik before and doesn't have a clue about lupus either! His medical consultant (an MD) sat in on the appt, reviewing my charts while I told him the deal. He asked her opinion and she said that there is a growing sentiment that Lasik should not be done on people with Sjogren's ESPECIALLY when they have other autoimmune/connective tissue problems. Something about the heat from the laser blah blah blah.

Bottom line, he told me I would have to cough up about $3k for getting certified medical records and a medical affadavit from a dr. saying the lasik doctor screwed up and there are no guarantees... If I file a suit, the doc is going to fight it tooth and nail because ANY judgment, even if it's $1, impacts him and can make him uninsurable. Any sort of settlement in theory he offered me to circumvent legal action would still be registered.

What I could do is ask for a refund of the Lasik and settle things that way. I don't know - have to think about it...

How did things go with "the other" doctor? My eyes have been going from tears rolling down my face to stinging and then dry and mucus ick. I was having lunch today and the person I was with said 3 times during the meal that I needed to clean out my eyes. (Granted I didn't tell him he had a booger in his nose! LOL) You need to read up on the latest scoop on my "relationship issue"!!!!

How are you feeling otherwise? How's school? Becoming the teacher's pet? ha ah

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