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FYI - there's systemic lupus (SLE) and there's drug-induced lupus. Two different disorders. Drug-induced lupus symptoms stop shortly after the drug is stopped. There is a "concrete" list of drugs that have a causal relationship with drug-induced lupus. I would check with the arthritis and lupus foundations' websites. and

If you're armed with that information, perhaps that would help diagnosis with your doctors.

If your symptoms have continued a few weeks after the medication has stopped, then you need to look at alternatives. And if you don't like your doctors, screw them and find another one. Many of us "lupies" have gone through a plethora of doctors until we found one that gave a flip. It's your health. Too bad if it dents their super-inflated egos if you ask for a second (or third) opinion.

But also keep in mind that Lupus is a fairly difficult disease to diagnose. Sometimes it takes time. You might want to read up on a lupus primer called "The Lupus Book" it's by Williams. Teal cover. I think that book also lists the drugs associated with drug-induced lupus. Keep track of your symptoms - a lot of times you have to do a lot of legwork to prove the diagnosis. It's a balance between not being a pushover and being too forceful, ticking off the docs.

Keep us posted.

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