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I was diagnosed with the Parvo virus last Jan.
Have been on Bextra and other meds. Last week the Rhem. Stated he thinks I have lupus and has added a lupus medication. About a month ago I was having difficulty seeing exspecially close up. I already wear perscription because I can't see far away. It took two weeks to get eye appt. He change my perscription, order bifocals and wanted me to try mono vision. After a few days of that I just went back to my regular contacts, and I could see fine. When I went to the doctor to pick up my new glasses I told him I could see again. And I was not able to see with the new perscription. He reexamined my eyes, and I was right. He said there is some problem with the left eye but he can not move them to a stronger perscription so we had to reorder the lenses for the old perscription. I asked him if lupus could cause this. He felt that I may need a mri for MS.
I have swelling in my joints, legs, and stiffness, and iches most of the time. I am 39 years old. Do you know if this is a lupus symtom or MS. Should I try and have a MRI done. My ANA both times was borderline.
Please over look spelling.

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